A & A eManifest Portal Pricing

A & A eManifest Portal is priced based on total number of shipments you have crossing in a month. Your company is billed at the end of each month. There are no long-term billing agreements, so you may cancel at any time.

Plan Name Number of ACE/ACI/RNS Shipments*** Subscription
Starter Plan Up to 50 $39.95
Micro Plan Up to 75 $89.95
Lite Plan Up to 150 $149.95
Standard Plan Up to 300 $249.95
Prime Plan Up to 600 $499.95
Enterprise Plan Up to 1500 $649.95
Unlimited Plan 1500+ $924.95
*** Note: Shipment totals are the sum of unique U.S. Shipment Control Number (ex. PAPS) and Canadian Cargo Control Numbers (ex. PARS) in ACE/ACI/RNS. For example, an ACI eManifest with matching RNS message counts as 1 shipment.

A & A eManifest Fax Service Pricing

Let A & A take care of the eManifests for you. Pricing is based on the number of shipments you fax to us in a month. Receive discounts the more you use it. Your company is billed at the end of each month.

Plan Name Number of ACE/ACI Shipments Cost
Fax Plan Unlimited $10 + $7/shipment